Reaching the Climax

Here it is, that moment a year’s worth of work has led up to. I’m thrilled and terrified at once. All those little questions, all the big questions, every bit of energy my MC has been wrapped up with–this is where it all comes together.

Or it doesn’t.

When writing my first book, A Major Shift, this is the moment I hit a dead-end with the words. It took another two years to conceptualize “How in the world do I show this part?” That’s amusing as hell, because it was That Moment I’d planned first, but, once I reached that chapter, I felt clueless. I thought I’d never get to “The End.”

Now I’m writing in my favorite genre, for my favorite audience of three, with my favorite arguments: colonization, tolerance, sustainability. A New Morse Code is *this* close to being a separate entity.

This time will be different. I have a plan. I’m armed with experience, vision, an outline, and several writing teams worth of support. I’ve listened to critique as much as my inner child.

This is how I make the impossible real.

*takes a deep breath*


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