American as White Guilt

July 7, 2016

Today, man… I can’t even. This morning the world watched an American police officer murder a father in his car in Minnesota.

It’s unconscionable. Horrific.

I have nothing to offer the victims but my words of heartbroken outrage. Platitudes are worthless, because pain like this doesn’t pass.

And the worst part is that today’s just that day white people in America notice what happens most every day. From our privileged position of safety, we white folk click *angry* or *sad* on Facebook, and we mutter to each other about injustice.

I’m tired of my outrage being safe.

I’m white. And I’m pissed.

Some say white guilt is just another form of privileged narcissism white people “get” to have, and I can see that. But I don’t have white guilt, I have asshole guilt. Idiot guilt. Evil guilt. I have complacency guilt, because I don’t have the first clue how to DO anything to stop this madness.

My guilt is color-blind and heavy as a thousand history books crushing my humanity.

By no means am I about to make a point in support of the all lives matter idiot parade, because 1. Of course all lives matter, so mentioning it is proof of idiocy, and 2. It’s exactly that defensive white reaction that breeds systematic, structural racism.

White invaders participated in kidnapping, enslaving, raping, abusing and murdering Africans for centuries. The American Constitution dangled promises of freedom and democracy, but it’s as sour a pill as those smallpox blankets our government gave the Native Americans—diseased. Maybe we white people should sit out for the next hundred years of governance and see how that feels.

Elections are rigged, communities are imprisoned, debt slavery and corporations have replaced plantations, and fathers, sons, daughters, mothers are gunned down in the streets by police. The frakkin knights of the American realm, our police—murdering innocent human beings by the hour.

Today more innocent Americans died on our own soil, because we’ve allowed evil, racist, idiotic assholes to run the show.

Right now, in 2016. There are hover boards, electric cars, robots who can do household chores, solar panels replacing asphalt on highways, spacecraft orbiting Jupiter… BUT WE HAVEN’T EVEN SOLVED OUR RACISTS=IDIOTS PROBLEM?!?

On the radio today, I listened to a brave woman, an Ohio cop, demanding for officers who can’t control their racist impulses to take off their uniforms. What does it take for us to MAKE them do that? Why haven’t we addressed this already?

What does it take to rise up against racism? What does rising up against it even mean? I would offer my white body as a shield, if that didn’t sound like the most condescending idea ever. But I would, if that would change things. As an outraged white woman, what can I do? I clicked *angry*! I voted blue in a red state!

I… I don’t matter much either, it seems, but cops don’t point guns at me.

Can we march on police precincts and demand psychological testing of cops? Weed out the racists, the corrupt, the disturbed-in-the-head kind of angry that leads to shootings day after day all over our country?

Our entire judicial system needs to be overhauled, just as desperately as Congress does. Racist cops, private prisons, multi-millionaire public servants. American democracy is the sickest joke there is, right next to the American dream.

How about this? Round up all the white-like racists (into those creepy FEMA camps stocking up around the country) and sterilize every one of them. Imprison them. Rehabilitate their existing children with the human community, and let’s move on as a species. Because natural selection isn’t working on this brand of stupid, and it’s gone on far too long.

Is that going too far? I don’t think it is. The net gains for the human species would be exponential.

I’ll even volunteer. My ancestors were probably evil white assholes too, so I can’t be certain the corporate-media-oligarchy won’t ruin my white children when I’m not looking.

Stop it, America. This is the exact opposite of who you’re supposed to be.


**I sincerely apologize if my tone feels inappropriate. It’s the only way I can convey my outrage without endless expletives. Rest In Outrage, victims of American Idiocy.**

One thought on “American as White Guilt

  1. I’m very very scared for the future, lately. It’s not helped when I consider that the racists and other bigots are probably scared for the future too. Only they direct their fear at this group or that group, turn it into hatred, sometimes overt, but usually more subtle. THEY are the source of all the world’s problems, in these peoples’ minds. If only THEY didn’t exist, there would be no more sorrow. Or at least I’d have a better life. Never mind that a minute of logical thinking will lead to the conclusion that that’s bullshit. Fear isn’t logical. And children aren’t great at logical thinking anyway. Often these views are solidified when young and are very hard to break out of.

    So they blow up a building. Or they’re a little more trigger happy than they would be if the other person looked more like them.

    But I worry I’ll become like them. “Bigots are the source of all the worlds problems. If only bigots didn’t exist, there would be no more sorrow.” It makes a lot more sense than replacing bigots with something arbitrarily decided on birth. But I’m worried where it may lead. Would I decide that some collateral damage is acceptable? Innocents caught in the fire, or falsely accused of being bigots and locked up. If it would get rid of the hatred… But no. I don’t want that either.

    Don’t mind me. I don’t know what I’m on about. I wonder what can be done as well. Solidarity is good, but it doesn’t effect change.

    I’m not angry though. I’m scared and deeply, profoundly sad, which is more natural to my personality. I want to believe in kindness and forgive people their faults, and every time something like this happens a core part of my self is shaken. At least I know there are others like me out there.

    I saw this the other day, created in response to recent events:

    I’m not entirely sure how it works or what will come of it, but I’m going to keep an eye on it for now. Thought you might like to as well.


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