The Early Journey of Zeta Lordes

Let the sci-fi world tour commence! This month I got to interview Zeta Lordes, a speculative fiction author whose versatile genre blending short stories have caught my attention over the last year.

JR: Thanks for stopping by, Zeta. What drew you to writing fiction?


Zeta: Actually I only started writing fiction a few years ago. Unlike a lot of writers, I didn’t come to writing early. I wasn’t a child eager to record my thoughts or fantasy worlds. I was far more eager to strike out on my own in the real world. Through a lot of luck and a lot of hard work, I was able to start and sell a business that has left me with time to explore other endeavors. Transitioning from business writing to fiction writing started as a hobby and a challenge. It’s morphed into a passion I intend to pursue for the rest of my life.

JR: All my favorite authors started out the same way—living a life worth writing about. I think of Frank Herbert’s many jobs prior to publishing Dune, how his careers fed and informed the texture of his craft. What are some of your earliest reading influences?

Zeta: My first explorations into fiction (outside children’s books which quickly bored me) were from my mother’s extensive personal library which were mostly authors of adult fiction: John D. MacDonald, Anne Rice, James Michener, John Grisham, Tom Clancy, Stephen King, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, James Patterson, W.E.B. Griffin, Taylor Caldwell, Mary Stewart. The list goes on and on.

My strongest influences were ultimately aligned with my mother’s favorites: Mysteries, Thrillers, Science Fiction, Paranormal, History, and a smattering of wonderful love stories.

JR: What a list! Asimov and Clark were the first to draw me into science fiction, actually, but I love the genre mix here. Makes me feel like I can expect some rich storytelling above and beyond genre norms. What about the first story you ever wrote?

Zeta: The first story I wrote was a type of fan fiction. I hacked into a PC video game and started re-writing some of the dialog to cater more to my tastes. From there I started writing out a story line that I thought would be more interesting. Within days, I ditched that and spun a completely original story with two characters vaguely resembling the original game characters. I lost the story in a computer crash, but it definitely set me on the path I’m on now.

JR: I’m grateful my first stories are lost to a house fire, but it sounds like yours might have been much more fun. I can’t help but wonder which game. What are your current writing projects?

Zeta: At this point, I’m working on finishing a series I have in progress. It’s speculative fiction set in another universe about the formation of an elite group of peacekeepers. Lots of suspense and testing of relationships.

My goals include self-publishing the first two books by year’s end. Depending on whether I find an audience for it, I’ll continue to adjust my plans accordingly.

Whether my writing blossoms as a career or a hobby remains to be seen, but I’ve got a ton of stories to tell and my goal is to continue telling them.

JR: You can do it! Your pace with the craft is inspirational. What inspires you to keep writing and reaching toward your goals?

Zeta: Besides my friends and family constantly asking when I’m going to finally finish and publish? Seriously though, writing really has become my passion. I go to sleep with my characters and their lives playing through my mind and wake up eager to continue writing their story.



Zeta Lordes is a writer of Speculative Fiction (mostly a blend of Science Fiction and Paranormal) flavored with plenty of suspense and romance. When she’s not writing, she’s often playing with photo projects, like book covers for herself and other author friends.

She lives alone in a rambling house littered with books, in the company of three cats—who have their own litter.

Find out more about Zeta on her Facebook or Blog.

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