50 Vague Phrases that have No Business in your Query

ML Keller- The Manuscript Shredder


Vague phrases are killing your query

Vague wording is the number 1 problem I (and many other editors) find when critiquing queries and Twitter pitches. There are thousands of Twitter pitches in a contest. Agents get dozens, sometimes hundreds, of queries a day. You have only a few seconds to make your story stand out. When pitches are too vague, we learn nothing about what makes your story unique. This is what editors and agents are looking for: the story that stands out.


When evil lurks, a band of friends join together to combat the dark forces that could change their world forever.

Hmm. Could be Harry Potter? Could be Lord of the Rings? I really have no idea.

Let’s try again:

Four unlikely friends must rescue a princess who holds the key to saving the rebellion and the galaxy’s last hope of freedom.

Definitely not Harry Potter.

When you take…

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