5 Expensive Book Services You Don’t Need

Great advice here!

Writers After Dark

I don’t know about you, but I definitely would like to see more truth and authenticity in the publishing business. I’m not sure which is worse -when people used to dismiss Indie authors entirely or the current situation where we’ve become a primary sales target.

There is an awful lot of advice for sale to the self-published author. Funny, since a short time ago the only advice they offered was to “shut up and wait our turn.” Unfortunately, much of this advice comes with hefty price tags and inflated promises about fame and fortune.

No doubt, some of it is good and may even be valuable. Coaching and services for better writing, more effective editing, formatting and publishing are all things an author should consider. Self-publishing isn’t a free-for-all, anything goes business. But, so much of the advice is free and available on the internet, although when a person makes…

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