Magical Means with Krisna Star

Author-Pic-Krisna-M-StarrFor March, I have the privilege of sitting with Krisna Star, an avid reader and a lover of dragons, unicorns, and all things magical. She divides her time between living in this world doing her day-to-day tasks, and the wonderful world of her dreams full of magic and fantastic creatures.  Besides books, she enjoys spending time with her children, meditation/ yoga, music ,and watching animes on the net.

JR: Thanks for talking with me, Krisna. What are you currently working on, and what is it about?

KS: Right now, I’m revising the first draft of my YA Fantasy novel, Forged in Fire (Dragons of Atlantea, book 1). It is set in the magical land of Atlantea filled with dragons, angels, faerie, titans and dwarves. It follows the story of Kiyara Rozen, a nephilim slave who struggles with her crippled legs and forges her way to becoming a Mystic and an Elite warrior of Atlantea.

JR: Interesting! Do you aim for a set amount of words/pages per day?

KS: Yes. Life is always full of duties, tasks, and sudden responsibilities. I’ve found that if I want to do anything, I need to make the time for it. I try to write 300 – 500 words a day or edit at least one chapter of my novel.

JR: Your rhythm sounds a lot like mine. What’s your go-to medium for writing? What if you get stuck?

KS: I mostly type away scenes on my laptop. But when I’m stuck for words or ideas, I’ve found that changing the rhythm a little and writing longhand in a book helps the scenes flow.

JR: I think we’re writing twins. What is the easiest thing about writing for you?

KS: LOL! I think free-writing, or pantsing through the whole story is the easiest part for me. The ideas and scenes just flow and many times completely surprises me on how the scene ends. I love this part of the writing process. It’s the next part (analyzing for holes, character inconsistencies, and revising the story to plug all the holes) that I find more time-consuming. But it’s all part of the process and is definitely very critical in providing the readers a gripping story.

JR: Twin break down. 😦 I can’t pants to save my life (yet). What do you think of “trailers” for books, and do you have a trailer/will you create one for your own work?

KS: I love trailers. I’ve found some of my favourite books through them. Though, right now I don’t have the know-how to creating wonderful trailers  like the ones I see in Youtube, I’m definitely planning to create one when I publish my novel.

JR: Thanks again for talking with me! 

For more about Krisna and her magical work, please visit her blogFacebookTwitter, or Goodreads.

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