All the Unmentioned Awesomeness

Once again, I’m revising my synopsis for FORWARD REMORSE. I happen to enjoy writing synopses (I know it’s weird) because of the clarity they bring, but sometimes the best, most exciting bits get lost in translation.

Like these (The bold ones are characters!):

MMC’s demisexual awakening
Unrequited love
F/F romanticship

Androgynous ship captain Ze/Zer
Imaginary Time
Alien freedom fighter/playwright
Telepathy and psychicism

Furry alien asexual technophobe/biomechanical wizard
Meta-conscious mushrooms giphy1
Giant butterfly warriors
Armored frogs
Cloned princess/mad scientist
Boob flash giphy2

Gravity failure
Learning to swimgiphy4
Dance with a sleepwalker
“Bigger on the inside” ship
A chicken dancegiphy

Laser-eyed robots/the slowest robots ever
Mumbling drunk
Paradoxical journal
Stealing a truckgiphy3

Weird alien play
Math jokes
Bad fruit

What are the favorite parts of your story that no query or synopsis will mention? Tell me in the comments or tweet me @JessCreaden.


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