#CPMatch Is Almost Here!

Having recently joined the Betabooks.co team, I’ve been spending a lot of time on their blog. In the post about finding critique partners and beta readers, there are 6 sites listed.

–from Betabooks.co

giphy11That’s a pretty great list . . . but what about Book Twitter?

Through prompt and pitch contests, games, chats, sprints, giveaways, sales, and reviews, writers of all ages and backgrounds flock to Twitter to share, connect, and learn.

One of my favorite Twitter events is in just two days! #CPMatch comes this Friday, August 25.

cpmatch2016-3Run by Megan Lally on Twitter, this opportunity to connect is so beautifully timed (right after #Pitchwars announcements) and wonderfully managed that I’d hate for the rest of my writing crowd to miss out.

Pitch your logline with genre, age category, critique preference/style, and post with the CPMatch info in your image.

Follow the directions!

Here’s mine 🙂 (minus the pitch—I’m still working on that)cpmatch



Then scroll and read others’ pitches. Favoriting someone’s pitch isn’t a commitment, so like away and meet some new writers and readers.

Some great CP and Betareader tips and threads below

giphy12Shine up your pitch and get ready to find some new friends/CPs/betareaders!

Also, here’s an adorable puppy gif just because it’s Wednesday.


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