Ramblings, y’all. YMMV.

  • When Your First Tries Flop

    I suck at firsts. First song (a holiday card poem Weird Al’d into an old hymn) First epic poem (anyone else remember Prodigy? Way back before AOL? Well, that’s where I posted it then promptly forgot my password.) First short story (Don’t get me started; children should not be blamed for their upbringing, after all)Continue…

  • The Beyond Within–flash fiction

    “The Beyond Within”   “The Elders expect us at the Temple by nightfall,” Rixx said. “Where’s your gear? I’ll fetch it.” I pushed myself out from the roamer’s wide undercarriage across the hard ground, blinking at my twin. Her sturdy figure glowed in the ocher morning light of Clarannas’ sun, with our small habitation domeContinue…