Ramblings, y’all. YMMV.

  • Deep Prose and Clear Voice

    (pulled from a note to a CP) My main focus for vocal depth is finding places that need a boost to elevate the prose from (blocking and action) to “literature.” Not just facts, but poetry. The first layer is “What’s a cooler/more interesting way to X…?” Second layer is “What’s a way to tie thisContinue…

  • Character Connection Tools & Exercises

    Quick and dirty trick is REGULARLY pair a show with a tell, to clue the reader into why and what XYZ means. This is REALLY helpful if you’re ND like me, and your/your characters’ reasons for doing things aren’t the same as neurotypical people/characters expect.

  • Self-Editing Schtips

    Borrow from these rules when you’re certain they improve your story, but guard your voice against them taking control.