Another Kind of Conference

Thank you, Tribe. I am so grateful for Tribe Con and to every one involved for sharing your stories (and smiles and tears and chocolate) with me.

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Four Ways to Write Through the Fog #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

When I get stuck on a writing project, it feels exactly like driving through fog—I can’t see far enough ahead to feel comfortable where I am, the clear road behind is as shrouded as the way forward, and there’s no telling when some swift insight will blow through so I can go back to “normal.”

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Magical Means with Krisna Star

For March, I have the privilege of sitting with Krisna Star, an avid reader and a lover of dragons, unicorns, and all things magical. She divides her time between living in this world doing her day-to-day tasks, and the wonderful world of her dreams full of magic and fantastic creatures.  Besides books, she enjoys spending time […]

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