Writing Projects

aesthetic 1Forward Remorse

Young Adult Science Fiction

STAR TREK settings and DOCTOR WHO dilemmas in a far-future found family space adventure.

Soft-hearted teen geek battles self-denial and the system to save his alien friends and discover what it means to be human.

Mild romantic elements and violence

Status: querying


Young Adult Science Fiction

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY whimsy meets ZOOM ACADEMY situations in a brisk space adventure.

Hybrid alien twins separate to tackle problems only their unique gifts can resolve.

Mild romantic elements and violence.

Status: Second draft

Moon SparksMoon Sparks

Middle Grade Contemporary Fantasy

Contemporary exploration of childhood emotional neglect, narcissistic parenting, divorce, and menstruation.

When Amara’s first period activates a latent electrical power, she discovers there is more to her town, her family, and herself than she ever imagined.

Narcissistic and religious abuse, alcoholism, divorce, and mild F/F romantic elements

Status: drafting/ seeking #ownvoices collaborators

moon dust 4Moon Dust In My Hairnet

Young Adult Science Fiction

MEAN GIRLS meets THE WAITRESS . . . in space. Near-future teen drama.

Insecure and deeply-wounded, seventeen-year-old Lane grapples with grief and self-actualization after she’s assigned to food service on Earth’s first independent lunar colony.

Onset of progressive mental illness, corporate terrorism-related trauma, mild language, and sexual elements.

Status: revising!


Adult Speculative

The 1880s occult classic OAHSPE retold through near-future mother, maiden, and crone.

Three women form an alliance with an ancient angelic host to save humanity from an impending extinction-level-event.

Domestic abuse, psychological assault, strong language, and drug use

Status: 98,000 word fifth draft shelved for revisions and sensitivity readings