Heartwood Coaching Services

As a writing coach, my goal is to help you find your clearest voice and strongest story. My role, as I see it, is to act as a tutor and a sounding board as well as a nurse for each client’s writing health for their project and their process.
Writing often forces us to face the best and worst of ourselves, discovering parts of our identity and/or psyche that we never imagined, and these moments can transform our work and lives, or they can send us spiraling into writer’s block or depression. Coaching is not a substitute for necessary mental health care, but knowing what blocks one has can be of great benefit to more than just creative work.


  • Craft basics –These sessions are not “lessons” so much as they are a collaboration focused on assessing “where you are” with your craft and staging a foundation for you to take the next step. After providing a writing sample (5-10pp), we schedule a chat to cover the topic of most interest to you, be it grammar, story structure, character, standards of genre, or conventions in publishing.
    Craft packages are recommended for authors at any stage of their journey, whether they’re wanting to learn how to plot for the first time, or hoping to take their current process and reshape it to better suit a demanding publishing schedule.
  • Creative recharge — These sessions are extremely flexible, of use to authors at any stage to dump what’s stuck in their story brain, vent about publishing until a comfortable path is found, brainstorm a new (or old) project, or do writing exercises. We start by taking the temperature of how you’re feeling in your journey, discussing how you want to feel, and strategizing how to get you there with the least pain possible along the way.
  • Solution session — These are problem-solving sessions to address common (and uncommon) issues that arise for writers and their projects, such as breaking writer’s block, fixing a plot or character problem, solving a story dilemma, identifying existing or potential issues with a story, or even brainstorming worldbuilding, naming, etc. together. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes for most of these things, but I believe all problems have solutions and share my arsenal of tools until we find what works for you.

Pricing & Packages

$150/hour with 30minute minimum over text or phone

  • New writer package –$750– 6 sessions over the span of three months
  • Second book sorrows package –$350– 3 sessions over a month
  • Stuck writer package –$500– 4 sessions over the span of three months
  • Others available with consultation.



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