When Your First Tries Flop

I suck at firsts. First song (a holiday card poem Weird Al’d into an old hymn) First epic poem (anyone else remember Prodigy? Way back before AOL? Well, that’s where I posted it then promptly forgot my password.) First short story (Don’t get me started; children should not be blamed for their upbringing, after all) […]

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American as White Guilt

July 7, 2016 Today, man… I can’t even. This morning the world watched an American police officer murder a father in his car in Minnesota. It’s unconscionable. Horrific. I have nothing to offer the victims but my words of heartbroken outrage. Platitudes are worthless, because pain like this doesn’t pass. And the worst part is that today’s […]

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The struggle is real

I have no inspiring words of wisdom today. Like so many other dreamers, this week has been a slap in the face to my optimism. Hope got punched in the gut, but I never did know how to let fear drive me. So I write to avoid staring into the sordid, predictably corrupt world outside my […]

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