When Your First Tries Flop

I suck at firsts.

  • First song (a holiday card poem Weird Al’d into an old hymn)
  • First epic poem (anyone else remember Prodigy? Way back before AOL? Well, that’s where I posted it then promptly forgot my password.)

    First Forums!
  • First short story (Don’t get me started; children should not be blamed for their upbringing, after all)
  • First stab at a novel (“Never bring up the horny nun. It wins you NO points in life.”)


  • First full-length novel (molding in my nightstand so it can haunt me better)


  • First query (Seriously. Why did I think I was ready to hit send? *Wears official nametag of “Time Waster” for a month in shame*)


  • First critique group (I love you, Bud Humble, but I will not type that team name)


  • First time as an Ubergroup captain (Over-ambitious? Who me? I want to learn everything yesterday!!)


So now that my first attempt to revolutionize the beta swap process crashed and burned, I’m forcing my face into that scrunched-up squint scowl that’s supposed to mean “I’m determined to get this right,” because my second attempts, and those thereafter, well… Rewrites and revisions are what I do!


I’ll post next week what I mean and what my experiment with the beta process is all about. In the meantime, do you have an embarrassing first that drives you to improve? Tell me about it!


5 thoughts on “When Your First Tries Flop

  1. Firsts are often flops, but someone once said you learn more from your failures than your successes. 🙂

    I look back now at some of my first attempts at writing and cringe…but at the same time, I’m so happy that I tried to write them, because writing them made me want to write more, and eventually my writing abilities developed (and are still developing today.)

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  2. At my first writers conference (this summer) I managed to piss off a NYT list maker and hurt another one’s feelings, because I’m a complete smart-ass (who meant nothing wrong). My writer type firsts are usually pretty good, it’s the real life big mouth firsts that get me in all sorts of trouble.


  3. I published my first book with a shoddy small publishing house, because they were the first “publisher” to give me the time of day. Still don’t have the rights back to that one…


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