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Take your fiction project to the next level with customized editing and coaching services that suit your needs and story vision.

Editing Services

– Developmental Edits
– Line Edits
– Copyedits

Coaching Services

– Craft Basics
– Creative Recharge
– Solutions Session

Jess Creaden they/them
Editor and Coach

I’m an author with a background in academic research, with degrees in history, anthropology, and higher education. With fifteen years of experience in the craft of novel writing, revisions, querying, and supporting authors, I provide clients with the tools best suited for each unique project to help them achieve the goals they set. Whether an author is just starting out or neck-deep in professional edits on deadline, I lighten the load and make the work easier and more manageable.

Ideally, clients will engage me to:

  • quickly level up craft while improving pages
  • rapidly diagnose story strengths and weaknesses
  • save extra steps when on deadline or prior to querying/submitting/returning pages
  • run through revisions or a final edit before self publishing
  • troubleshoot craft or writing problems

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